There are a variety of Social Comps at the Griffith Tennis Club, with something for everyone!

Pick an event, fill out a Registration Form and bring it along with you on the day!


Competition Details

Competition Start/End Time Comp Format Registration/Cost Comp Organiser Extra Info
Monday Night Ladies – 11th Sep – 5th Dec 2023
7:00pm – 9:00pm Teams of 4; each player plays 3 sets as doubles. Individual registration only – $120 (first comp) or $80 (if second comp in same season) Sue T
0428 279 175
Tuesday Morning Ladies (social) – runs April – November annually
9:30am – 11:00am Team numbers and sets played vary Pay-as-you-play $5 Carmel
0407 623 322
Chilled-out Tuesdays (Casual) – runs all year round
7:00pm – 9:00pm Individuals pay-as-you-play to form matches of doubles or singles. Pay-as-you-play $10 Matt
0429 671 082
Wednesday Morning Ladies (social) – 20th July  – 16th Nov 2023
9:00am – 11:30am Team numbers and sets played vary Individual registration only – $140 Tara
0409 067 711 or Sue H
0429 706 176
Note: a crèche is available for Wednesday Morning Ladies
Wednesday Night Mixed – 31st Aug – 7th Dec 2023
 7:00pm – 9:00pm  Teams of 4; each player plays 3 sets as doubles.  Team registration $480 or Individual registration – $120 (first comp) or $80 (if second comp in same season) Robyn
0429 487 472 or Matt
0429 671 082
Thursday Night Mens
7:00pm – 9:00pm 11 Week/11 player per division format, Contact to register interest in next comp, or to add your name to the reserves list $100 for the comp, to be paid by start date Lachlan 0409 120 330

Player Guidelines

  • Club Membership – is required for all players, and is paid separately to the Competition Fee
  • Seasons – Summer comp season commences in early February and finishes at the end of May and Spring season commences in August and finishes in December.
  • Public Holidays – usually evening comps are not scheduled to play on Public Holidays – please review individual comp draw to check.
  • School Holidays – evening comps break for all school holidays.
  • Washouts – A captain is nominated (or appointed) for each evening comp team, as primary contact for notifications of washouts/cancellations. The captain is then responsible for advising their team.
  • Registrations – expressions of interest to play in evening comps should be made to the relevant organiser by the Friday of the week prior to the season start, to allocate players and teams for the draw. Registration forms are due with fees (below).
  • Fees – all individual and team registration fees are due by the end of Week 2 competition of each season.
  • Reserves – All players are required to arrange their own reserves – to register your interest in playing as a reserve, please contact the relevant comp organiser at any time during the season to add your name to the RESERVES LIST. It is the responsibility of each player/team to arrange any payment from reserves playing. Note: For graded comp, a reserve player must not have played at a higher grade than the position they are filling in for.
  • Forfeit – In the event that a team is required to forfeit an evening comp match, the comp organiser should be notified before 6 pm to advise the other team.
  • Supper – supper duty for Monday and Wednesday night comps is rostered amongst teams. Usually each player in the rostered team contributes a plate of food to share with all players, with a cup of tea and a chat either during or at the end of the evening.
  • Team members – mixed evening teams may consist of more than 4 players, if players want to share matches. A junior male can play as a female player and female players can play as male players.